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"Indian classical music and dance are not just for entertainment - they are designed to elevate your Consciousness." -Sadhguru

Our core belief is beautifully ecapsulated in this quote by a contemporary Indian mystic and Guru.

We believe in the profound transformative power of movement and expression. Our approach to teaching Odissi is rooted in the understanding that dance is not just about physical movement, but its a Sadhana-a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.​

  • First and foremost, we are commited to sharing our love and appreciation for Odissi with as many souls as possible all over the world.

  • Every learner, child or adult  is unique in their strengths and weaknesses. Under the right guidance, with practice and efforts weaknesses can transform into strengths. Transformation is possible in both physical and emotional aspects if not spiritual.

  • The essence of Odissi lies in its technique and we cannot emphasize more on the importance of it but it doesn't have to be boring or exasperating. We offer a unique understanding of needs of each student, safe space, ecouragement and patience to make this journey joyous and enriching.

  • Determination and hard work are conducive  if your goal is to excel in Odissi and become a solo performer. We offer expertise in developing strength, stamina, mindset and deeper understanding of nuances of technical precision to achieve this goal.

  • Reasons for learning Odissi can vary from person to person and no reason is wrong to try Odissi with us.  We understand and acknowledge individual choice of fulfilling childhood dream, learning to move gracefully, personal joy or simply longing for a different physical and graceful movement. We welcome you all.

  • Physical safety and fitness is of great importance in life of a dancer or a dance student. We encourage the same.

  • Odissi might be a difficult dance form to learn but its the most beautiful and rewarding one.

  • Ultimately we aspire to inspire, empower and guide each student  in their unique process of learning Odissi and cultivate curiosity, awareness, sensitivity and creativity. 


We believe that performance is an essential part of learning. We provide opportunities for our students to showcase their talent in various events and competitions. 

Please note: It takes time and lot of practice to become a performance ready. Please have patience, we will proudly present our students performance when they are truly ready for it.

Do check our Gallery section for our previous students' performances.

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